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    We know that the wines are perfect with cheeses, pasta and meats, but can use them to improve your sexual desire?

    When it comes to consuming wine (especially red wine, according to a study made in Italy), the women it doesn’t do we only eat, but also sex, because the sexual appetite also wakes up with a glass of good wine. And Furthermore, we agree, the wine is always a good excuse to have a pleasant meeting that could result in something more enjoyable still.

    Take a wine and get loving

    It is proven to take wine (not in excess because the result is a true raw) in small quantities helps women increase their libido. This happens because the wine ethanol stimulates a part of the brain called the hypothalamus that regulates human basic functions, including body temperature, appetite and sexual desire.
    But, again, the key here is moderation, to make it happen should not go Cup.

    Moderation and regularity

    Another study about sex and wine reveals that women who take wine on a regular basis tend to have a sex life better. According to the study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women who drank a glass of red wine a day reported higher levels of sexual desire and had more vaginal lubrication, compared with those who took any kind of alcohol only occasionally or which were not drinking at all.
    The researchers suspect that high levels of polyphenols with antioxidant properties in wine may help increase blood flow to key areas of arousal.

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    5 wines for wine to enhance your sexual desire

    agence escorte┬ápresented a wine list that considers aphrodisiacs, and, obviously, they will do that the woman’s sexual desire will increase.

    1. Spinetta Barbaresco: this wine is allegedly very effective in women. They say that the taste of this wine leaves them breathless. After a drink, women experience a momentary flush in the face, as well as other sensations that have to do with your libido.

    2. champagne: a glass of champagne, a caress and kiss. This French wine can be combined with fruit juices and make drinking even more seductive.

    3. Gras: this wine is considered “holder” of a concentration of aphrodisiacs, including vanilla, honey, ginger and cinnamon.

    4. mulled wine and amaretto: a combination, as the name itself says “hot” for the more romantic and desirous of a sticky and action-packed night.

    5. Burgundy: Finally, one of my favorites: wine Burgundy. This wine, considered part of the royalty of the family of wines, is supposedly known for having aphrodisiac effects, as well as a sensual flavor that makes a woman feel sexy and in a very good mood.

    Do you think that wine helps you to have a better sex life?

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