• 03Jun


    The celebration of the international Wine and Spirit Awards 2007, has rated one of the best liquors in the world to Amarula. The liquor is obtained from an African tree named Marula produced a round yellow fruit when it is ripe.

    Eats both the fruit and the seed and are even used to bark, a popular saying says that the fruit in question elephants captivates with its flavor. This fruit is used in jams and drinks, precisely which has obtained the mentioned award.

    The liquor is obtained through fermentation, using techniques similar to the winemaking. After several processes, liquor must be maturing two years in oak barrels until it can finally be enjoyed. It should be, without a doubt, a great liquor if she managed to unseat the hundreds of drinks and liquors that are presented to the contest.

    We have not tested the Amarula liquor but will not take pushing, in our country is distributed by Snoqualmie wine, you can find it for a price around $15. Have you tried it already?, what do you think, is worthy of the award?

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