• 18May

    If you are a lover of wine, these are 5 films that you should not miss. You can find them always available on┬áMovie Tube. Are you ready? Let’s start.

    1. Wine war – Randall Miller

    Steven Spurrier, a British expatriate living in Paris and a wine bar owner, sets in motion a plan to demonstrate the quality of the wines from other parts of the world to the Parisian

    2. The way of the wine – Nicolas racing

    What is the height of a sommelier? As a bad joke, a paradox, or the realization of a child, unspeakable fear, to the renowned wine expert Charlie Arturaola suddenly happens what remains unthought: totally loses the palate.

    3. Mondovino – Jonathan Nossiter

    A documentary made by the sommelier and director Jonathan Nossiter, who through “home” filming style, with a simple digital camera, shows the dispute in the wine industry as the central axis between great part of Europe and the United States.

    4. Blood into Wine – Ryan Page, Cristopher Pomerenke

    Documentary “Blood Into Wine” directed by the directors Ryan Page and Christopher Pomerenke addresses the devotion of Maynard James keenan, singer of Tool, for wine and that led him to mid-1990s to build its own vineyard on the hard grounds of Arizona, with all the prejudices that generated the election of Maynard in the wine industry to install it in an allegedly inhospitable place.

    5. A good year – Ridley Scott

    Russell Crowe plays a London stockbroker received a French vineyard for inheritance. When it travels very reluctantly to take possession of the place, it is a wonderful land, which needs urgent restoration and that will take you to a new and exciting chapter in your life


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