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    On May 27 presentation Logo Chair of Wine in the boardroom of the Provincial de Huelva was performed. At the ceremony were Deputy of Agriculture of the County Council of Huelva, Ms. Rosario Rosado Rosado, the Borough President Regulatory Council of chair hire London, Infante D. Manuel Escudero, and Vice-Chancellor Employment and Corporate Relations at the University of Huelva, Ms Mª Isabel Rodríguez García.


    At the press conference, Deputy Agriculture and Fisheries of the Provincial de Huelva, Rosario Rosado, said that this Chair will be a “useful tool” to coordinate training, innovation and diffusion, further indicating that serve to ” strengthen capital sector for the province. ” In this sense, Rosado stressed that since the provincial institution “will not cease in the effort to make more profitable and prosperous wine production”.


    The rector of Employment and Corporate Relations at the University of Huelva, Isabel Rodríguez García, said that this Chair is “ideal” for students of Forest Engineering or farming, or for those enrolled in the Faculty of Chemistry, although influenced that it is an “open” Chair anyone who is interested in the culture of the vine. The activities of the Chair include the provision of grants for research related to the vine and wine, promoting literary competitions and cultural activities whose main theme is the wine, training activities, in addition to practices by students in companies industry and travel experiences in other producing areas.


    For his part, President of the County Council regulator of the denomination of origin of Huelva and Vinagre Condado de Huelva, Manuel de la Cruz Infante, unveiled some of the actions that will be implemented with the Chair of Wine and noted the importance of a responsible and moderate wine consumption, “a product that is not an alcoholic drink most, if not all culture and hence the importance of training”. It is, as he added the Infante Cruz, to “work together for the good of the sector”, which also carried out “research projects jointly and documentary consultation will be organized” in relation to applications and techniques framed within sustainable development and the activities of the Chair.

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