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    It may not be the world’s most romantic gift, but if you disfrutais together wine, a good book accompanied by a bottle that you enjoy going to be the best Valentine. Here we leave in July interesting proposals. Books that tell you all about wine, varieties, the art of tasting, trends in this fascinating world, others you can browse when you buy and doubts about the best wine at the best price, or when pairing the super dinner. If he goes the novel, we leave three titles that will captivate you: history, intrigue and passion. Do not hesitate and tell with a book ….

    the supervinos 2015 books Lynx


    Joan C. Martin

    Lynx Books

    It is a cheap wine, bad wine? The answer lies in this comprehensive guide with 150 wines that can be found in supermarkets where over 50% of purchases are made wine. A tour of varieties, wineries, and professional wine regions demonstrating that good wine need not be necessarily the most expensive.



    Allegiant is a science fiction novel written by Veronica Roth and and published on 2013. Click here to read Allegiant pdf


    Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson

    Editorial Blume

    For wine lovers. It is a classic in the world of wine, considered one of the most important works in this field. A gem that shows the major regions of wine, viticulture techniques, trends in the consumption of wine, and all the knowledge to date on the world of wine

    Editorial alliance, the new wine


    Carlos Delgado

    Alianza Editorial

    If you like Carlos Delgado reviews in the country, this new wine book will not disappoint. Wine critic speaks in his second book of the wine hatching in our country. Quite a Vademécum where fans can find all kinds of information about the history, viticulture, enology, the best wineries in Spain, the art of tasting, cooking with wine or the best wines in the world. A comprehensive manual for true fans.

    Plates and Wines- the difficult art of pairing

    DISHES AND WINES: Catcher in the rye pdf.

    Maria Jesús Gil de Antuñano,

    Alianza Editorial

    If you love cooking and want to know what kind of wine pairs best with each course, these front of the appropriate wine. The wine tastes power, the better … .but if not appropriate can ruin a dish: help us in this task is the goal of this book, where we find 3 different wines for each course.






    Virginia Gasull

    Create space independent publishing platform

    The Oteiza inspection, Heritage Brigade, completely ignored the world of wine when he is ordered to investigate the theft of several historic bottles, his life takes a radical turn. It is the beginning of a journey where you will discover a passion for wine, French wine growers struggle and collaboration with the Resistance during the German occupation in World War II. Intrigue, passion and wines in a novel that grabs you until the last page.

    War came, editorial obelisk


    Don & Petie Kladstrup


    The exciting story of war wine has the feat of French producers who took witty and bold measures to save their beloved crops and bottles, as the Germans closed the circle around the second world war. All to protect the wine, its most precious treasure, the German looting



    Noah Gordon

    Roca Editorial

    The passion for wine mark this novel. Josep Àlvarez a turbulent life flees and takes refuge in France, where he worked for a viticulturist. After discovering his true passion in winemaking, returns home to face a troubled past but with one goal: create your own wine.

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