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    Wine tasting booths and rooms or sensory analysis calls are governed by UNE-87-004-79 specifications and respond to regulated temperature, humidity and light conditions. Do you know them ?.


    The wine tasting rooms where a regulated sensorial analysis can be done, are governed by specific regulations. It is the Standard UNE-87-004-79. These booths are actually a laboratory of sensorial analysis and that as established by the standard this is suitably illuminated, acoustically isolated and has the appropriate equipment for ventilation and thermal conditioning.

    The purpose of the tasting or sensory analysis room is to provide expert tasters who perform professional sensory tests, a suitable environment under standards that facilitate the work and also ensure that the results can be repeated if they are performed in the same way.

    The premises used should be cozy and be lit correctly and neutral. The color even being neutral will tend to be relaxing and fuse with the environment of the room, smooth creating an atmosphere of relaxation. It is to avoid distractions by the color or the illumination that can influence the results of the tasting.

    The premises of this type usually have space for the photobooth sydney and the zone of preparation of the samples. It depends a lot on the possibility of the company or agency, but you could count on an average of 10 cabins.

    The sample preparation zone could, for example, be configured with a worktop. The individual tasting area could be composed of 10 independent cabins, 0.90m wide and 1.50m deep, identical and perfectly isolated from each other, communicable with the sample preparation area, equipped with a table of 0, 9×0,5m, adjustable seat, daylight lamp, red light lamp and wastebasket.

    The cabins shall be located consecutively, identical to each other and separated by large and wide screens to isolate the catchers once in their stations.

    There are no regulations regarding materials provided they are constructed of suitable material and easy to clean. If paint is used this should be completely odorless. The seats in each cabin will be comfortable and height adjustable. Each individual lighting cabin must also be provided, adjustable in direction, intensity and color.

    A part of the cockpit table can be reserved for a stack equipped with drinking water or for the placement of a bucket or spittoon.

    The light as stated above is important and whether natural or from these daylight fluorescent lamps, it will have to be adjustable, uniform and diffuse.

    As for the temperature, the premises should be kept in pleasant conditions, both thermal and humidity. A temperature of 20 to 22 degrees and 60 to 70% relative humidity is recommended.

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