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    Wine tasting wedding showers work for a girls only bridal shower or the event of a mixed couple. A wine tasting shower works for a casual gathering or elegant affair. dripsndrops.net picks the place, decor and details of the shower should complement the bride-to-be’s personality. Choose a venue, presentation and details that are comfortable for you and your budget.


    Receive a wine tasting wedding shower in a garden if the weather permits, a real vineyard, a luxury restaurant, on a train trip through a vineyard or at home. Almost any place can work for a wine tasting shower, as to determine how fancy the shower is. Some places, such as restaurants known for their wine or vineyards, may offer a sommelier, or wine specialist, to explain the different wines and associate the wine with the appropriate light snack.

    Wine and Food

    Choose a variety of different wines that use a basic theme, such as all white wines, all red wines or a combination. You can also choose a variety of wine depending on the country or region of origin. Arrange wine from wine region or light to heavy or bitter-fruity. Serve a variety of light snacks, such as cheese, fruit, bite size sandwiches, cookies or other foods with your fingers. Include non-alcoholic beverages, such as water, soft drinks and juices, for people who do not drink alcohol and to clean their palette from among the wines.


    Some places will not need decorations like a vineyard or a restaurant. You can arrange the place with balloons, flowers or a banner in honor of the couple or girlfriend. If you are hosting the shower in your home or garden, consider crisp white tablecloths and dishes of grapes and other fresh fruits. Silk ivy in the armor and grape leaves around the table. Holders for decorative wine bottles are another option that can serve as centerpieces and owns the wine. Find interesting wine holders that complement your shower theme.

    Gifts and favors

    Ask each guest to bring two bottles of wine and a light snack if you are on a budget. A bottle of wine is for the shower, while the second can serve as a gift for the couple to start their own wine cellar. On the other hand, ask the guests to bring a gift for the couple to start their own bar, such as glasses, wine, drink recipe books or other related items.

    Give your guests a little favor that is related to the theme. The holder of the small favor wine bottle could be full of mints, candy or whatever you want. Miniature wine bottles with personalized labels are another option. Consider a full size bottle of wine if money is no problem. Corks and books on wine from the heart-shaped bottle are other options.

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