• 08Mar

    The remains of packages and papers, as well as the abrasive wear of the tires, are eliminated quickly with the powerful and robust Kärcher wet and dry scrubber-vacuum cleaners, sweepers and choose the Best list vacuum cleaners. Compact equipment provides perfect maneuverability. In addition, to provide an optimal adaptation to your needs, we have multiple variants, from battery operation to protective ceilings.

    11 Secure in tight spaces

    With Kärcher, safe cleaning in narrow aisles and between high shelves is not a problem. The compact equipment provides maximum maneuverability and protective roofs, the necessary safety. A high surface performance of up to 12,000 m² / h and a large capacity of the batteries lengthen the working intervals.

    11 Conveyor belts

    Conveyor belts are constantly in motion, making them more prone to dirt. Kärcher equipment, such as compact dry and wet vacuum cleaners or manual scrubber-vacuum cleaners and sweepers, will remove this dirt quickly without interrupting service.

    11 Refrigerated warehouses

    Hygienic areas need optimum advice and a precise cleaning plan, as bacteria, viruses and fungi develop everywhere. Kärcher offers suitable detergents and disinfectants. An integral solution from a single supplier.

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