• 07Jul

    The research team of the University of Zaragoza is developing a method of analysis to know the levels of satisfaction of the customers of wine marketed under DO, in particular on wines from our land. The purpose of this survey is to have a fairly high sample to count with a reliable, robust and efficient tool to measure levels of satisfaction and the factors that influence the formation of the same.We ask that you complete the questionnaire pertaining to the development of a research for purely academic purposes, by a research group of the Department of management and organization of business of the University of Zaragoza.

    The investigation is focused on knowing the intentions of the behavior of customers and based on the same design a strategic plan to strengthen and increase the market share of the products and services offered by the various companies that are directly or indirectly related to the DO Somontano.

    To respond to each of the issues, follow the instructions that appear on the questionnaire’s answers. A telematic system is used to complete the survey in order to ensure the privacy and ANONYMITY of the respondent.

    You can fill the online form by clicking here: carry out survey at surveycool.com

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