• 31Jul

    This is a day of training for professionals and awareness of the public in which we focus on two central areas in women: gynecological health and mental health .

    Gynecological health and endometriosis

    One of the main objectives of this day is to make known a disease that suffer in Spain more than two million women: endometriosis . A disease that, although it affects between 10 and 15% of the female population of childbearing age, is totally invisible by gender bias and taboos related to menstruation (as it should hurt) and sexuality Feminine

    Therefore, during the day “Mental health, gynecology and gender” we want to highlight the endometriosis , the consequences that the invisibility, ignorance and lack of research produces on the women who suffer it and the need for an alternative model of Attention to the gynecological health of all women , focusing on their idiosyncrasies, both physical and gender, and their specific needs.

    For this we will have the participation of Lucía Torres Gallego, founding partner of EndoMadrid , who will explain to the attending people what is endometriosis; And Mayte Hernández Marín, affected by endometriosis, who will have first-hand experience of the disease. Also in the round table “Gynecological health and endometriosis” will also be attended by Isabel Serrano, Centreville OBGYN – Health service of the Madrid City Council, who will participate with her paper “Gynecology with a gender perspective .

    At the end of the round table “Gynecological health and endometriosis,” the president and co-founder of the Women’s Health Association, Soledad Muruaga López de Guereñu , will present the results of a survey we have conducted on women of all ages on care Gynecological care we received, and how we would like to be cared for. That is to say what characteristics would a gynecology service have for women to feel at ease. Already have answered 1,800 women and you are still on time, click here if you are interested .

    The consequences on the psychological health of women

    As the second objective of the day “Mental health, gynecology and gender” we want to put on the table the negative consequences that generate on the psychology and mental health of women realities such as gender inequalities in health , along with other factors , Pressures and social mandates that women suffer for the simple fact of being.

    In the Association of Women for Health we have been listening for more than 30 years to the discomforts expressed by women in order to adapt to the tremendous demands and expectations imposed on them by the exercise of their functions as citizens in today’s society. Functions like being a good mother, daughter, worker, friend … or complying with the irrational canons of beauty, or being sexually active, or having a partner if you do not have it, being a mother if it is not yet, forming a family … We can not ignore, Also, the plus that adds to all these discomforts the serious physical and mental deterioration suffered by many women by gender violence.

    In the therapeutic center where the Women’s Health Association helps women to overcome their gender depressions and syndromes, the Health Space Among Us (ESEN) , we have developed a therapeutic method for the women themselves to change their Way to deal with all these pressures. The goal is for each of them to be placed in the center of their lives, taking into account their own needs to be able to solve them, taking responsibility for their integral health and changing all the external conditions that harm them. In a word: empowering .

    At the conference “Mental health, gynecology and gender” we will talk about the experience gained with the more than 11,000 women who have gone through this center and the conclusions we have reached about the impact of inequality on women . We will do it during the round table “Discomforts and the mental health of women” , in which we will have the participation of Pilar Pascual Pastor , therapeutic coordinator of ESEN. Also, two users of the center will tell their personal experience and how it has been for them the process of overcoming their discomforts.

  • 12Jul

    Wine tasting booths and rooms or sensory analysis calls are governed by UNE-87-004-79 specifications and respond to regulated temperature, humidity and light conditions. Do you know them ?.


    The wine tasting rooms where a regulated sensorial analysis can be done, are governed by specific regulations. It is the Standard UNE-87-004-79. These booths are actually a laboratory of sensorial analysis and that as established by the standard this is suitably illuminated, acoustically isolated and has the appropriate equipment for ventilation and thermal conditioning.

    The purpose of the tasting or sensory analysis room is to provide expert tasters who perform professional sensory tests, a suitable environment under standards that facilitate the work and also ensure that the results can be repeated if they are performed in the same way.

    The premises used should be cozy and be lit correctly and neutral. The color even being neutral will tend to be relaxing and fuse with the environment of the room, smooth creating an atmosphere of relaxation. It is to avoid distractions by the color or the illumination that can influence the results of the tasting.

    The premises of this type usually have space for the photobooth sydney and the zone of preparation of the samples. It depends a lot on the possibility of the company or agency, but you could count on an average of 10 cabins.

    The sample preparation zone could, for example, be configured with a worktop. The individual tasting area could be composed of 10 independent cabins, 0.90m wide and 1.50m deep, identical and perfectly isolated from each other, communicable with the sample preparation area, equipped with a table of 0, 9×0,5m, adjustable seat, daylight lamp, red light lamp and wastebasket.

    The cabins shall be located consecutively, identical to each other and separated by large and wide screens to isolate the catchers once in their stations.

    There are no regulations regarding materials provided they are constructed of suitable material and easy to clean. If paint is used this should be completely odorless. The seats in each cabin will be comfortable and height adjustable. Each individual lighting cabin must also be provided, adjustable in direction, intensity and color.

    A part of the cockpit table can be reserved for a stack equipped with drinking water or for the placement of a bucket or spittoon.

    The light as stated above is important and whether natural or from these daylight fluorescent lamps, it will have to be adjustable, uniform and diffuse.

    As for the temperature, the premises should be kept in pleasant conditions, both thermal and humidity. A temperature of 20 to 22 degrees and 60 to 70% relative humidity is recommended.

  • 17Apr

    Wine tasting wedding showers work for a girls only bridal shower or the event of a mixed couple. A wine tasting shower works for a casual gathering or elegant affair. dripsndrops.net picks the place, decor and details of the shower should complement the bride-to-be’s personality. Choose a venue, presentation and details that are comfortable for you and your budget.


    Receive a wine tasting wedding shower in a garden if the weather permits, a real vineyard, a luxury restaurant, on a train trip through a vineyard or at home. Almost any place can work for a wine tasting shower, as to determine how fancy the shower is. Some places, such as restaurants known for their wine or vineyards, may offer a sommelier, or wine specialist, to explain the different wines and associate the wine with the appropriate light snack.

    Wine and Food

    Choose a variety of different wines that use a basic theme, such as all white wines, all red wines or a combination. You can also choose a variety of wine depending on the country or region of origin. Arrange wine from wine region or light to heavy or bitter-fruity. Serve a variety of light snacks, such as cheese, fruit, bite size sandwiches, cookies or other foods with your fingers. Include non-alcoholic beverages, such as water, soft drinks and juices, for people who do not drink alcohol and to clean their palette from among the wines.


    Some places will not need decorations like a vineyard or a restaurant. You can arrange the place with balloons, flowers or a banner in honor of the couple or girlfriend. If you are hosting the shower in your home or garden, consider crisp white tablecloths and dishes of grapes and other fresh fruits. Silk ivy in the armor and grape leaves around the table. Holders for decorative wine bottles are another option that can serve as centerpieces and owns the wine. Find interesting wine holders that complement your shower theme.

    Gifts and favors

    Ask each guest to bring two bottles of wine and a light snack if you are on a budget. A bottle of wine is for the shower, while the second can serve as a gift for the couple to start their own wine cellar. On the other hand, ask the guests to bring a gift for the couple to start their own bar, such as glasses, wine, drink recipe books or other related items.

    Give your guests a little favor that is related to the theme. The holder of the small favor wine bottle could be full of mints, candy or whatever you want. Miniature wine bottles with personalized labels are another option. Consider a full size bottle of wine if money is no problem. Corks and books on wine from the heart-shaped bottle are other options.

  • 08Mar

    The remains of packages and papers, as well as the abrasive wear of the tires, are eliminated quickly with the powerful and robust Kärcher wet and dry scrubber-vacuum cleaners, sweepers and choose the Best list vacuum cleaners. Compact equipment provides perfect maneuverability. In addition, to provide an optimal adaptation to your needs, we have multiple variants, from battery operation to protective ceilings.

    11 Secure in tight spaces

    With Kärcher, safe cleaning in narrow aisles and between high shelves is not a problem. The compact equipment provides maximum maneuverability and protective roofs, the necessary safety. A high surface performance of up to 12,000 m² / h and a large capacity of the batteries lengthen the working intervals.

    11 Conveyor belts

    Conveyor belts are constantly in motion, making them more prone to dirt. Kärcher equipment, such as compact dry and wet vacuum cleaners or manual scrubber-vacuum cleaners and sweepers, will remove this dirt quickly without interrupting service.

    11 Refrigerated warehouses

    Hygienic areas need optimum advice and a precise cleaning plan, as bacteria, viruses and fungi develop everywhere. Kärcher offers suitable detergents and disinfectants. An integral solution from a single supplier.

  • 27Feb

    New functionalities for the accounting of stock in the warehouses

    This solution from Tipsa computerizes the handling of special tax registration books . The new functionalities allow the accounting of stocks in the warehouses. The formats designed have been approved by the delegations of the State Agency of Tax Administration (AEAT). This development applies to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and also includes VinoTEC , the management solution for wineries and beverage companies .

    Tipsa  presents new functionalities for the keeping of the stock accounts in the warehouses. This development makeseasier for wineries the compliance with current regulations , with the latest amendments published regarding excise duty obliges all taxpayers whose products are subject to such taxes and whose production exceeds 100,000 liters , to have A system that allows the computerized handling of the books of raw materials , products in process of elaboration and finished products . Likewise, it obliges to make a periodic presentation of this type of books of registry with the movements that have the products.

    The Tax Agency has clearly defined the registration books to be presented by wineries from January 1, 2014, which are as follows:

    • Book of first subjects , in which most of the information stated in the harvest declarations must be recorded and which affects, almost exclusively, the musts and the grape entries .
    • Book of products in process of elaboration , in which the result of the vinification processes that have been produced in the company must be registered.
    • Book of processed products , which must record the movements that occur both bulk ,bottles and finished products .

    bookkeeping Brisbane develops management solutions for wineries and beverage companies , such as VinoTEC , ERP Software for Integral Management of Wineries and Wine Industries , which has more than 200 locations throughout Spain and has the highest accreditation that Microsoft grants its technology partners : Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

  • 04Jan


    This week FENAVIN, the National Wine Fair, opens the opportunity for many producers and buyers to establish contacts and generate business around wine. A fundamental sector in Castilla-La Mancha in which the agri-food industry represents an important part of its economy that has resisted better than other sectors the current economic crisis. A sector that must advance in roads of quality and commercialization national and international highly competitive at the present time. A sector that represents a cultivated area of ​​about 6% of the territory of the community of Castilla-La Mancha that has behind it a cultivated landscape of great interest and a special wine cellar architecture with hundreds of buildings in the set of appellations of origin.

    The large surface of the vineyard of Castilla-La Mancha occupies spaces and landscapes very different with its peculiarities that give products hosted to its denominations of origin as guarantees of quality. Denominations like Almansa and Jumilla located in the province of Albacete (the latter shares space with the community of Murcia). Unique space in La Manchuela (Albacete and Cuenca) or in Ribera del Júcar and Uclés (which shares territory with Toledo). The large areas of La Mancha in Ciudad Real, Albacete, Toledo and Cuenca have unique landscapes. As are those of Méntrida in Toledo or those of Mondéjar in Guadalajara. And next to it the denominations of payment with spaces of a special attention in their cultures with varieties and new technologies of irrigation and care of the vine. Denominations with more limited areas, usually in environments of large farms with which the care of varieties and cultivation modes coexists.

    The vineyards define a landscape of geometries by the location of the plantations that point out perspectives that leave the natural environment visible and change with the seasons. A sustainable landscape that adapts to the difficult climatic conditions of the area resulting in a special environment for the proper development of the grape. Landscapes in which the geometry of the plantations establishes dialogues and contrasts with a different geography in the different denominations of origin. A geometry that extends linear perspectives towards a natural horizon. The changes of vineyards in glass to the cultures in trellis change this vision of the Lachie Anderson landscapes but they maintain the contrast of a nature of limited height and the different natural environment in diverse zones of the geography of Castilla-La Mancha

    And in this environment has emerged a unique architecture for the production of wine. For centuries the caves have been the places where it was possible to have the climatic conditions suitable for the production and subsequent conservation of the wine. And with different typologies and in very diverse areas have arisen, buried in the geology of the place, numerous wineries. Cities like Tomelloso and Valdepeñas had hundreds of small digs for family farms. In areas like Cuenca they were dug in the slopes of the mountains taking advantage of the access of its slopes. Cooperatives will then emerge with their common management models and the grouping of numerous farmers in each area. Large installations with mud and concrete jars, which will give way to stainless steel tanks. Structures of wood and later concrete and metallic make up large spaces in different towns of Castilla-La Mancha. Industrial production will lead to new organizations and the arrival of different production, storage and distribution technologies. The denominations of payment and the new wineries are located in the farms with traditional structures and others with modern architectures that qualify the wineries.

    Landscapes of the vineyard and architectures of the wineries that unite historical values ​​of a heritage of centuries, environmental references of a geographical and plural environment that are behind the production of the wine in Castilla-La Mancha. Or better that they are an important part of the winemaking reality of our region and that we must present as part of this important reality that is the production of wine. Both the landscape of the vineyard and the architecture of our wineries are essential heritage to present along with the production of wine as referents that support their production with quality.

  • 07Jul

    The research team of the University of Zaragoza is developing a method of analysis to know the levels of satisfaction of the customers of wine marketed under DO, in particular on wines from our land. The purpose of this survey is to have a fairly high sample to count with a reliable, robust and efficient tool to measure levels of satisfaction and the factors that influence the formation of the same.We ask that you complete the questionnaire pertaining to the development of a research for purely academic purposes, by a research group of the Department of management and organization of business of the University of Zaragoza.

    The investigation is focused on knowing the intentions of the behavior of customers and based on the same design a strategic plan to strengthen and increase the market share of the products and services offered by the various companies that are directly or indirectly related to the DO Somontano.

    To respond to each of the issues, follow the instructions that appear on the questionnaire’s answers. A telematic system is used to complete the survey in order to ensure the privacy and ANONYMITY of the respondent.

    You can fill the online form by clicking here: carry out survey at surveycool.com

  • 11Sep

    “Converse with the sommelier Josep Roca, in charge of the list of wines from Vancouver large party reservations, currently the best restaurant in the world – located on the outskirts of Girona, Catalonia-, and told us how they select bottles that have letter and Chilean labels are part of it…”

    Patricio Tapia

    Some weeks ago, the restaurant Celler de Can Roca was chosen as the best in the world by the influential Committee of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants award. He is a great survey of professionals from all over the world and which had already chosen this place of 55 seats in the outskirts of Girona, Catalonia, as the best second in 2014 and the best in 2013.

    Run by the Roca brothers, the list defines food as “craft and technique, with references to tradition and the avant-garde, a place that has never forgotten his humble roots, family heat”. While Joan Roca is in charge of the salty, Jordi is in charge of the desserts and Josep is responsible for the “liquid world” as call everything that is drunk in the Celler, and that is very good, otherwise.

    Josep Roca has come to Chile, as it has also visited other countries producing wine in search of enriching his letter which today has with around 3,360 references and some 60,000 bottles in stock, most of them from Spain, France and Germany, but also in South America, places that have surprised Josep by its vitality and “wishes of reinterpreting their landscapes with feeling” , says this sommelier who has been working with his brothers since they opened the restaurant in 1987.

    -How selected wines? What criteria do you use?

    “El Celler de Can Roca wine reflects a life experience. Not in vain are the background of 30 years of passion and learning. “The intention is to show all the different realities of the world of wine, the current vitality of people committed to deep thoughts around the wine and also keep the legacy of historic areas with vertical major, thinking that the ancient heritage, if it is well preserved, must have good exposure in our letter”.

    -How is the selection process?

    “The process of selection of wines is purely personal, although I am always open to hearing suggestions from my team of sommeliers, as also colleagues from other latitudes and customers with sensitivity for a given region. Selected wines are a reflection of hemispheres, meridians, Parallels, variations and interpretations of these varieties depending on Suez and cultural habits of each landscape. In the letter attempt to encompass these experiences lived and, to the extent possible, include wines that have a narrative, a message, a thought, a landscape, a philosophy that provides a distinct and authentic value.

    -It is normal that at a Spanish restaurant dominate Spanish wines, but your letter has been praised by its diversity, not only in regions, but also of styles. How, more or less, distributed is the cake?

    “In my letter dominated by wines from Spain, France, Germany and Italy. New world still dominates California and Australia, but the experience in the last three years in Chile and Argentina has made that more wines from these two countries be incorporated. Spain, which predominate are the Catalans, followed by Ribera del Duero, Rioja and Jerez. Of France, dominated by Burgundy, followed by Bordeaux, Côte du Rhône, Loire, Languedoc-Jura”.

    - And in particular of Chile, what has struck you to include it in your letter?

    “Both Chile and Argentina, the change is still considerable and little by little we’re going to give the quota that you deserve and want to have.” Chileans have wine of Martino, Aristos, Tara, Antonie-Louis Luyt, Antiyal, Montes Alpha, Manso de Velasco, Estelado and Altair, among others.”

    - And already in a more personal terrain, what is what you drink wine?

    “I have a special devotion for the Burgundy and the German rieslings. Chile and Argentina are within countries that have surprised me. I’m happy to see that fascinating change in vital youth of both countries. Everything has changed. The future is hopeful. We are expectant”.

    Wines from Borago

    In the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world, there is a Chilean, Borago, located on the 42. Its chef, Rodolfo Guzmán, uses the raw material of our country trying to make a unique cuisine, and intended that wines are consistent with that intention. “Wines that can not be done anywhere. They are wines related to passion for producing, with a different look and reflect our territory”, he says. In Borago a letter, but that rather there is a “pool” of wines as called it Guzman, that is changing to adapt to the menu of dishes. In this pool rotating wines as Tara, of drift; Old jars Cinsault, De Martino; Grez, Tipaume; the new Syrah Garnacha, of Casa Marin or the Re Noir Nature Virgin, Bodegas Re, i.e. some of the riskier wines which are today made in Chile.

  • 07Jul

    How to open a . is an elegant that never go out of style. Therefore, that open a wine store is a very good idea when you’re looking for revenue. If you play your cards well, you are subject to smart customers and a business boom.



    Choose the perfect place to open your wine shop. The success of your business depends mainly on where it is located. Choose a place that is in the area of luxury in your city if your budget allows you. Wine drinkers often frequent these areas, so your store has more exposure to the type of clientele right.


    Get funding for your wine shop and get a liquor license. It prepares a business plan to help you obtain financing. Lenders want to see that you know what you’re doing to not waste your money.


    Buy the right equipment. You will need coolers wine, wine rack and many shelves to be used as counters of bottles. Buy cash registers, accounting software and credit card terminals. Find a dealer that offers you the best possible offer in wines and that stock your store.


    Hire some employees. Determines how many hours you want that your wine shop is open and then calculates how many employees you need. It offers a competitive salary, but you do not overwhelm you.


    Consider making a wine-tasting for the Grand opening. You want to make a presentation of your cellar/wineshop as memorable as possible. A wine tasting at your grand opening allows potential customers to try for themselves that delicious is the wine you are selling.


    Because you may not have enough financial ability to pay for the costs related to your business so that you may need a mortgage loan( mortgage toronto for example)

  • 09Jun

    image for 5 vinos para mejorar tu deseo sexual

    We know that the wines are perfect with cheeses, pasta and meats, but can use them to improve your sexual desire?

    When it comes to consuming wine (especially red wine, according to a study made in Italy), the women it doesn’t do we only eat, but also sex, because the sexual appetite also wakes up with a glass of good wine. And Furthermore, we agree, the wine is always a good excuse to have a pleasant meeting that could result in something more enjoyable still.

    Take a wine and get loving

    It is proven to take wine (not in excess because the result is a true raw) in small quantities helps women increase their libido. This happens because the wine ethanol stimulates a part of the brain called the hypothalamus that regulates human basic functions, including body temperature, appetite and sexual desire.
    But, again, the key here is moderation, to make it happen should not go Cup.

    Moderation and regularity

    Another study about sex and wine reveals that women who take wine on a regular basis tend to have a sex life better. According to the study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women who drank a glass of red wine a day reported higher levels of sexual desire and had more vaginal lubrication, compared with those who took any kind of alcohol only occasionally or which were not drinking at all.
    The researchers suspect that high levels of polyphenols with antioxidant properties in wine may help increase blood flow to key areas of arousal.

    thumbnail of feature post

    5 wines for wine to enhance your sexual desire

    agence escorte presented a wine list that considers aphrodisiacs, and, obviously, they will do that the woman’s sexual desire will increase.

    1. Spinetta Barbaresco: this wine is allegedly very effective in women. They say that the taste of this wine leaves them breathless. After a drink, women experience a momentary flush in the face, as well as other sensations that have to do with your libido.

    2. champagne: a glass of champagne, a caress and kiss. This French wine can be combined with fruit juices and make drinking even more seductive.

    3. Gras: this wine is considered “holder” of a concentration of aphrodisiacs, including vanilla, honey, ginger and cinnamon.

    4. mulled wine and amaretto: a combination, as the name itself says “hot” for the more romantic and desirous of a sticky and action-packed night.

    5. Burgundy: Finally, one of my favorites: wine Burgundy. This wine, considered part of the royalty of the family of wines, is supposedly known for having aphrodisiac effects, as well as a sensual flavor that makes a woman feel sexy and in a very good mood.

    Do you think that wine helps you to have a better sex life?

  • 03Jun


    The celebration of the international Wine and Spirit Awards 2007, has rated one of the best liquors in the world to Amarula. The liquor is obtained from an African tree named Marula produced a round yellow fruit when it is ripe.

    Eats both the fruit and the seed and are even used to bark, a popular saying says that the fruit in question elephants captivates with its flavor. This fruit is used in jams and drinks, precisely which has obtained the mentioned award.

    The liquor is obtained through fermentation, using techniques similar to the winemaking. After several processes, liquor must be maturing two years in oak barrels until it can finally be enjoyed. It should be, without a doubt, a great liquor if she managed to unseat the hundreds of drinks and liquors that are presented to the contest.

    We have not tested the Amarula liquor but will not take pushing, in our country is distributed by Snoqualmie wine, you can find it for a price around $15. Have you tried it already?, what do you think, is worthy of the award?

  • 18May

    If you are a lover of wine, these are 5 films that you should not miss. You can find them always available on Movie Tube. Are you ready? Let’s start.

    1. Wine war – Randall Miller

    Steven Spurrier, a British expatriate living in Paris and a wine bar owner, sets in motion a plan to demonstrate the quality of the wines from other parts of the world to the Parisian

    2. The way of the wine – Nicolas racing

    What is the height of a sommelier? As a bad joke, a paradox, or the realization of a child, unspeakable fear, to the renowned wine expert Charlie Arturaola suddenly happens what remains unthought: totally loses the palate.

    3. Mondovino – Jonathan Nossiter

    A documentary made by the sommelier and director Jonathan Nossiter, who through “home” filming style, with a simple digital camera, shows the dispute in the wine industry as the central axis between great part of Europe and the United States.

    4. Blood into Wine – Ryan Page, Cristopher Pomerenke

    Documentary “Blood Into Wine” directed by the directors Ryan Page and Christopher Pomerenke addresses the devotion of Maynard James keenan, singer of Tool, for wine and that led him to mid-1990s to build its own vineyard on the hard grounds of Arizona, with all the prejudices that generated the election of Maynard in the wine industry to install it in an allegedly inhospitable place.

    5. A good year – Ridley Scott

    Russell Crowe plays a London stockbroker received a French vineyard for inheritance. When it travels very reluctantly to take possession of the place, it is a wonderful land, which needs urgent restoration and that will take you to a new and exciting chapter in your life


  • 05Mar

    On May 27 presentation Logo Chair of Wine in the boardroom of the Provincial de Huelva was performed. At the ceremony were Deputy of Agriculture of the County Council of Huelva, Ms. Rosario Rosado Rosado, the Borough President Regulatory Council of chair hire London, Infante D. Manuel Escudero, and Vice-Chancellor Employment and Corporate Relations at the University of Huelva, Ms Mª Isabel Rodríguez García.


    At the press conference, Deputy Agriculture and Fisheries of the Provincial de Huelva, Rosario Rosado, said that this Chair will be a “useful tool” to coordinate training, innovation and diffusion, further indicating that serve to ” strengthen capital sector for the province. ” In this sense, Rosado stressed that since the provincial institution “will not cease in the effort to make more profitable and prosperous wine production”.


    The rector of Employment and Corporate Relations at the University of Huelva, Isabel Rodríguez García, said that this Chair is “ideal” for students of Forest Engineering or farming, or for those enrolled in the Faculty of Chemistry, although influenced that it is an “open” Chair anyone who is interested in the culture of the vine. The activities of the Chair include the provision of grants for research related to the vine and wine, promoting literary competitions and cultural activities whose main theme is the wine, training activities, in addition to practices by students in companies industry and travel experiences in other producing areas.


    For his part, President of the County Council regulator of the denomination of origin of Huelva and Vinagre Condado de Huelva, Manuel de la Cruz Infante, unveiled some of the actions that will be implemented with the Chair of Wine and noted the importance of a responsible and moderate wine consumption, “a product that is not an alcoholic drink most, if not all culture and hence the importance of training”. It is, as he added the Infante Cruz, to “work together for the good of the sector”, which also carried out “research projects jointly and documentary consultation will be organized” in relation to applications and techniques framed within sustainable development and the activities of the Chair.

  • 25Feb

    Last weekend, during the course of the Costa Dorada I Concentration of the Ferrari Club of Spain , the Anquin’s Gallery and winery Clos Galena presented a special collection of wine boxes painted by http://www.limohire-sportcarhire.co.uk

    The new line of boxes, with motifs related to high-end sports cars, was presented during a gourmet lunch at Restaurant Can Bosch of Cambrils where all participants could enjoy wine Formiga of Vellutand works of art.

    The draft boxes painted wine was launched three years ago in collaboration Anquin’s and Clos Galena with the aim of creating a cultural link between art and a product of the earth like wine. These are original works embodied in wooden boxes from the cellar ofPriorat by common Reus gallery artists.

  • 18Feb

    Former police chief Maria Lemos was inquired into the past as alleged involved in the poisoning of Cecilia Fontana Heber occurred in 1978. The investigation of the fact, known as the poisoned wine ?? ?? week was resumed in 2006. The Personal injury lawyer Boca Raton, Javier Barrios Bove , told ?? In Perspective that if we understand that this was a political murder, as we understand it, and is prescribed in the offenses established in law 18.026, would be an offense in ??.Of the two calligraphic skills made ​​the accused, one is given as guilty and the other not. ?? The lady compromised their situation calls for a new calligraphic skill and the judge accepts this new expert ?? added the doctor.

    Poisoned wine: as a lawyer, was a political murder ?? ??  and is an offense in ?? ??

    (Issued at 07.38 Hs.) JOHN ANDREW Elhordoy: . ?? I have no doubt that is involved ?? said Senator Luis Alberto Heber regarding the release of former police chief Maria Lemos Lemos has been inquired into on late Last week in connection with the case of the poisoning death of Cecilia Fontana Heber. The case occurred in August 1978 when three bottles of wine were sent to the nationalist leaders Luis Alberto Lacalle, Carlos Julio Pereyra and Mario Heber. Cecilia Fontana, Mario Heber’s wife and mother of the current senator Luis Alberto Heber, died on 5 September of the same year. The issue is known since it happened but made ​​headlines again at the end of last week when the arrest was available a woman whom he performed two calligraphic skills. In particular, skills designed to verify whether the letter inquired into corresponds to the letter who wrote the obituaries of those poisoned wine bottles. *** JAE ?? We are in communication with Dr. Javier Barrios Bove, attorney sponsoring the research. First, knowing that the incident took place 32 years ago, how are the time limits for the particular case? JAVIER BARRIOS BOVE: The Penal Code provides that offenses that are older than 20 years and lesser sentence to 30 years it is up a prescription for 20 years. However, the Penal Code itself provides lift on third term prescription in the case of homicide by the seriousness of the act or the nature of mobile. That is, if we speak of 20 years would be about seven years. In this case the limitation period is already ?? jurisprudence- doctrine and we have to start counting from the restoration of democracy. Then between 1978 and 1985 deadlines not be computed, yes be computed from 1985 onwards. That happens if you stick to the classical thesis. If we understand that this was a political murder, as we understand it, it is prescribed in the offenses established in law 18.026 and would be an imprescriptible crime. JAE ?? How did you come up with citation of this person? Because it is a case which has been much talk sometime even elements in Parliament, information that ultimately led to nothing was provided. How is that now comes to this? JBB ?? In 2006, when we resumed the investigation at the request of Professor Carlos Julio Pereyra, the first thing we did was to examine the court file. At that time we saw the flaws that had the research that had been conducted between 1978 and 1985. Since then try to ask a series of steps were again made. Among the measures were calligraphic skills. Like everything in the delay justice requests were made, he took handwriting expertise to the accused and another police officer. The expertise asible took more than a year because they had some doubts and he took three scriptural samples at the first opportunity. JAE ?? How is it that the name came Lemos ?, because just the name had handled in 1985 according to which raised then Senator Germán Araujo, he raised in Parliament. How is that you get now? JBB ?? Among the things we reviewed was the information that had arisen then Senator Germán Araujo. On the record saying that they had taken expertise to names that gave Germán Araujo. The file and folder Technical Police examination disappeared proficiencies. In versions of other researchers matched the evidence with the initials of the names and the participation of a woman as author of the obituaries that accompanied the bottles. Then we ask the headquarters and ordered it last year that skills were held two police officers . JAE ?? You make mention of a report prepared for several months by the Director of Technical Police, Roberto de los Santos, where certainty is overlooked that the former inquired into police wrote handwritten obituaries accompanying wine bottles and based on this expertise Gabriela Merialdo criminal judge and prosecutor Juan Gomez is preparing to arrange the processing of former police officer, this says the chronicle of El Pais today ?? JBB – ?? One to request and another to dispose ?? JAE – ?? exactly. But unexpectedly one second calligraphic report was requested by the Merialdo judge and was ordered on Thursday and delivered on Friday by Washington Curbelo current deputy Montevideo Police threw the opposite conclusion, he said that the former policeman was not who wrote the cards. So what steps to deal with that will you give as a lawyer in this case? JBB ?? Let me make a clarification: it was requested by the Merialdo judge, was asked by the suspect and arranged as suspicious request by the Merialgo judge, which is very different. JAE ?? So the order wine by the defense. JBB ?? Exactly. We ordered longer a skill, choose the expert who is the judge of its own motion. In this instance, when Mrs. compromised their situation calls for a new calligraphic skill, suggests an expert and the judge accepts this new expert. I think there is something very important to emphasize that what I said yesterday Senator Luis Alberto Heber and are the conditions under which either survey is performed. JAE ?? What do you say, why the time difference? JBB ?? A survey was made ​​for eight months, with time, ideally three scriptural proofs were taken with good separation (say on day zero, one in the three months and again at month six). Then studied for two months these three scriptural evidence. The suspect filmada- -is conducted tests in slow, deliberate manner, under ideal conditions of temperature, calm and rest up. The other expertise took less than three hours. The person was detained since last night and in the cold. The issuance was performed in 35 minutes, she who hung calligraphic skill that if he would be prosecuted or not knowing.Therefore, they are two completely different methodologies. JAE ?? In light of these data are then dump what will do today announced that refuses to justice the content of this second expertise? JBB ?? Today we will discuss with the family. The Heber family will go today to see both on their own expertise. Just then decide the next steps. JAE ??Have decided at the time if no rejects or second study done? JBB ?? Yes, the expert and therefore their study. There are other elements that I reserve me because they are within the secret of presumario.
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    Flow Meter for Dispensers | Warranty

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