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    Last weekend, during the course of the Costa Dorada I Concentration of the Ferrari Club of Spain , the Anquin’s Gallery and winery Clos Galena presented a special collection of wine boxes painted by http://www.limohire-sportcarhire.co.uk

    The new line of boxes, with motifs related to high-end sports cars, was presented during a gourmet lunch at Restaurant Can Bosch of Cambrils where all participants could enjoy wine Formiga of Vellutand works of art.

    The draft boxes painted wine was launched three years ago in collaboration Anquin’s and Clos Galena with the aim of creating a cultural link between art and a product of the earth like wine. These are original works embodied in wooden boxes from the cellar ofPriorat by common Reus gallery artists.

  • 18Feb

    Former police chief Maria Lemos was inquired into the past as alleged involved in the poisoning of Cecilia Fontana Heber occurred in 1978. The investigation of the fact, known as the poisoned wine ?? ?? week was resumed in 2006. The Personal injury attorney Boca Raton , Javier Barrios Bove , told ?? In Perspective that if we understand that this was a political murder, as we understand it, and is prescribed in the offenses established in law 18.026, would be an offense in ??.Of the two calligraphic skills made ​​the accused, one is given as guilty and the other not. ?? The lady compromised their situation calls for a new calligraphic skill and the judge accepts this new expert ?? added the doctor.

    Poisoned wine: as a lawyer, was a political murder ?? ??  and is an offense in ?? ??

    (Issued at 07.38 Hs.) JOHN ANDREW Elhordoy: . ?? I have no doubt that is involved ?? said Senator Luis Alberto Heber regarding the release of former police chief Maria Lemos Lemos has been inquired into on late Last week in connection with the case of the poisoning death of Cecilia Fontana Heber. The case occurred in August 1978 when three bottles of wine were sent to the nationalist leaders Luis Alberto Lacalle, Carlos Julio Pereyra and Mario Heber. Cecilia Fontana, Mario Heber’s wife and mother of the current senator Luis Alberto Heber, died on 5 September of the same year. The issue is known since it happened but made ​​headlines again at the end of last week when the arrest was available a woman whom he performed two calligraphic skills. In particular, skills designed to verify whether the letter inquired into corresponds to the letter who wrote the obituaries of those poisoned wine bottles. *** JAE ?? We are in communication with Dr. Javier Barrios Bove, attorney sponsoring the research. First, knowing that the incident took place 32 years ago, how are the time limits for the particular case? JAVIER BARRIOS BOVE: The Penal Code provides that offenses that are older than 20 years and lesser sentence to 30 years it is up a prescription for 20 years. However, the Penal Code itself provides lift on third term prescription in the case of homicide by the seriousness of the act or the nature of mobile. That is, if we speak of 20 years would be about seven years. In this case the limitation period is already ?? jurisprudence- doctrine and we have to start counting from the restoration of democracy. Then between 1978 and 1985 deadlines not be computed, yes be computed from 1985 onwards. That happens if you stick to the classical thesis. If we understand that this was a political murder, as we understand it, it is prescribed in the offenses established in law 18.026 and would be an imprescriptible crime. JAE ?? How did you come up with citation of this person? Because it is a case which has been much talk sometime even elements in Parliament, information that ultimately led to nothing was provided. How is that now comes to this? JBB ?? In 2006, when we resumed the investigation at the request of Professor Carlos Julio Pereyra, the first thing we did was to examine the court file. At that time we saw the flaws that had the research that had been conducted between 1978 and 1985. Since then try to ask a series of steps were again made. Among the measures were calligraphic skills. Like everything in the delay justice requests were made, he took handwriting expertise to the accused and another police officer. The expertise asible took more than a year because they had some doubts and he took three scriptural samples at the first opportunity. JAE ?? How is it that the name came Lemos ?, because just the name had handled in 1985 according to which raised then Senator Germán Araujo, he raised in Parliament. How is that you get now? JBB ?? Among the things we reviewed was the information that had arisen then Senator Germán Araujo. On the record saying that they had taken expertise to names that gave Germán Araujo. The file and folder Technical Police examination disappeared proficiencies. In versions of other researchers matched the evidence with the initials of the names and the participation of a woman as author of the obituaries that accompanied the bottles. Then we ask the headquarters and ordered it last year that skills were held two police officers . JAE ?? You make mention of a report prepared for several months by the Director of Technical Police, Roberto de los Santos, where certainty is overlooked that the former inquired into police wrote handwritten obituaries accompanying wine bottles and based on this expertise Gabriela Merialdo criminal judge and prosecutor Juan Gomez is preparing to arrange the processing of former police officer, this says the chronicle of El Pais today ?? JBB – ?? One to request and another to dispose ?? JAE – ?? exactly. But unexpectedly one second calligraphic report was requested by the Merialdo judge and was ordered on Thursday and delivered on Friday by Washington Curbelo current deputy Montevideo Police threw the opposite conclusion, he said that the former policeman was not who wrote the cards. So what steps to deal with that will you give as a lawyer in this case? JBB ?? Let me make a clarification: it was requested by the Merialdo judge, was asked by the suspect and arranged as suspicious request by the Merialgo judge, which is very different. JAE ?? So the order wine by the defense. JBB ?? Exactly. We ordered longer a skill, choose the expert who is the judge of its own motion. In this instance, when Mrs. compromised their situation calls for a new calligraphic skill, suggests an expert and the judge accepts this new expert. I think there is something very important to emphasize that what I said yesterday Senator Luis Alberto Heber and are the conditions under which either survey is performed. JAE ?? What do you say, why the time difference? JBB ?? A survey was made ​​for eight months, with time, ideally three scriptural proofs were taken with good separation (say on day zero, one in the three months and again at month six). Then studied for two months these three scriptural evidence. The suspect filmada- -is conducted tests in slow, deliberate manner, under ideal conditions of temperature, calm and rest up. The other expertise took less than three hours. The person was detained since last night and in the cold. The issuance was performed in 35 minutes, she who hung calligraphic skill that if he would be prosecuted or not knowing.Therefore, they are two completely different methodologies. JAE ?? In light of these data are then dump what will do today announced that refuses to justice the content of this second expertise? JBB ?? Today we will discuss with the family. The Heber family will go today to see both on their own expertise. Just then decide the next steps. JAE ??Have decided at the time if no rejects or second study done? JBB ?? Yes, the expert and therefore their study. There are other elements that I reserve me because they are within the secret of presumario.

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    It starts from a generic template curriculum, to which we add a specific section on our interests.

    The aspects covered are:
    - Personal information: Full Name, Address, Telephone Number and Email Address and specify if you have a driving license.
    - Academic Data: here we start from the school to the last track or course we have made, specifying the dates of beginning and beginning the learning center and middle grades.
    - Additional Training: This is review all courses of any kind we have made, specifying dates, duration and teaching center.
    - Languages: specify the level of language that we both spoken and written.
    - Professional experience: detail all paid jobs we have made ​​specifying the business, start and end dates, type of contract, job busy workday and functions.
    - Experience with professional content: will detail activities that we have done that may contain experiences with professional value, such as playing sports, aid in a family business, participation in association activities or volunteer work, etc.
    - Computers: our level of computer management outlined.
    - Positive attitudes and skills related to work: Aspects such as self-sacrifice, like working, learning ability, constancy tests can be used here vocational guidance.
    - Areas for improvement: we include those attitudes and skills that have not sufficiently developed. Similarly as in the previous point we can assert tests.

    To analyze our strengths and weaknesses, make a list:

    - Made your list, ask yourself: Others see you too so ?: You may have a misperception, why ask 3 or 4 companions with whom you work usually write your strengths and weaknesses, but to be honest . Remember that it is better to know, so write what you write, you should not bother.

    - Finally we should remember that when making extensive curriculum must take into account that essentially has a value of self, so it is also necessary to make a work of memory and thorough compilation of our professional history, be especially sincere.


    - Personal information:
    Email: pedro@urbinavinos.com
    Date of Birth: 31 Jan 1979.

    - Personal statement:
    I am a self-motivated and hardworking person. I can take initiative and work as part of a team. I have excellent communication skills and leadership and am good at problem solving.

    - Education:
    2004-2005 Technician Development of Wines: IES Dukes of Najera, Logroño (La Rioja – Spain)
    1999-2003 BS Business Administration / Marketing – Business Studies (San Jose State University, San Jose, USA)
    1998-1999 Ukiah High School, USA

    - Work Experience:
    2014 Appointed new member of the “Brotherhood of Rioja wine.”
    2012 Partner of the “Diario La Rioja”. Spreading the culture of wine full page. Seventh oldest newspaper in Spain that publishes and distributes since 1889, with a current circulation of about 16,000 copies a day.
    2010 Appointed member of the “Association of sommeliers from Rioja”.
    2009 Nominated Golden Nose La Rioja (Sommelier Competition and most prestigious wines Spain): Over 400 working professionals attend each year to become the new Golden Nose.
    2006 Appointed member of the Committees Tasting the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Rioja.
    2005-2014 Bodegas Urbina (La Rioja – Spain): Head of Sales; Development and production of wine; Maintenance of the vineyard.
    Bodegas 2003-2004 Frey (California – USA): Organization and presentation of tastings; Representative at trade shows; Winemaking and wine production; Maintenance Vineyard


    In recent years has greatly reduced the area under vine in the territory of the European Union, increasing, however, in other parts of the world such as South America and Oceania. All these circumstances have contributed to increased competition in international markets.

    The Spanish wine sector is the largest in the world by acreage and third in production level. According to the National Institute of Statistics, this consists of about 5,000 companies that employ about 20,000 workers.

    Over 50% of these companies have less than 9 employees template. Self, meanwhile, represent a major proportion of the total, being small businesses (over 10 employees) and large (greater than 50 staff) less frequent.
    - Large companies: Opt for a similar existing model in the new world wine diversifying production and minimizing risk.

    - Small and medium enterprises: focus their activity on quality products and alternative marketing networks, requiring them to use techniques of environmental protection and ecological use natural products. Sales of its products are mainly channeled through specialty stores or more restricted circuits where there is a lot of contact with the customer.

    - Cooperatives: These are engines of rural development they have to make an effort to modernize and seek ways to improve profitability and quality.


    The incorporation of information technology and communication will facilitate a series of technological changes in different companies:

    - Increasing mechanization of production and quality control.
    - Implementation of information technology and communication in the sales area for better customer service.
    - Greater control and automation warehouses.
    - Implementation of systems EDI and design of web pages as marketing support to bring products and processing consumer.

    This implies that in this sector is demanding a hand of increasingly qualified with knowledge of information technology, communication and open to innovation spirit works. In addition to sharing with these objectives, traditions and values.

    The profession evolve into:

    - Increased awareness on all issues related to the environment.
    - The demand for increasingly skilled professionals.
    - The introduction of more modern forms of organization, open to innovation and intensive use of information technologies and communication.
    - The requirement of having more versatile professionals capable of assuming different functions related to their field of work.

  • 12Feb
    During the Victorian heyday of private property, and in some ways to the early twentieth century, the vine was cultivated in greenhouses is cial for that purpose.
    In some large gardens belonging to particular had even independent in greenhouses, depending on the time of year when ripened grapes; ie had greenhouses for grapes tempra nas, midseason and late. However, most current was di Vidir the greenhouse into sections that had different temperatures, adapted to each ripening season.
    After the war disappeared specialists specialists vine, and very few continued to cultivate vineyards in the greenhouse.Recently, however, interest in this subject has increased, and many amateur gardeners have found that even small deros winters, the vines can grow over other plants, ceiling, and can get a good crop of grapes . Can also be effective to cultivate vines in pots; in this case, GET drań good results in a small greenhouse, 2.4 m X 1.8 m.
    Most table grapes need protection glass to mature well and achieve their full flavor. Some varieties, par ticularly in the case of the Muscat grape, require artificial heat du ing the spring and especially during flowering, to facilitate pollination, and also during the fall to bring fullness of flavor. Given the cost of greenhouses and fuel, and labo rious work necessary to keep the vine under control, it sejable acon grown in the greenhouse only table grapes, leaving out those intended for the production of wine. The limiting factor is the ture, although in the greenhouse small current flow tends to give a good height to the eaves so that the problem is less significant.
    The ideal vine structure is a conservatory roof water built by nashville roofers llc and one facing south. The roof spans the width of the construction, and thus offers the greatest possible surface for the extension of the vine. Simultaneously, the back wall accumulate a reserve of heat on sunny days, transmitting it to the structure overnight. However, the vine can also find an environment appro priate for development in a normal greenhouse.
    The vine can grow with or without heating. In the second case, the harvest will be delayed and the number of copies that will mature well be lower. In a heated greenhouse vines begin to develop in mid-February, to mature in July or August, the variety that is grown is gun. On a cold greenhouse in sarrollarse will start in March and will be harvested in late August and throughout September.
    Vines grown without heating can be planted in the open, and guide the main branch (called a rod) into practicing a hole in the bottom wall of the greenhouse. You can also plant inside, and let the roots to spread outside in the greenhouse.The vines grown in heated greenhouses planted a flowerbed better if it is built for this purpose. If the roots are inside, the gardener better control things, and success and failure depend on their wisdom and knowledge. This method is advantageous to re in colder areas (the country), where you must empe Czar with more advance or when there is a risk that the roots grow to places where you can drown during the winter. In the past always maintained that, in the case of early grapes, inside flowerbed ensured that the roots grow at the same rate that outbreaks. However, it is a perfectionist advice, and today, in most cases, you can grow satisfactoriamen Outside simple preliminary preparations and less frequent attention to irrigation and fertilizers.
  • 10Feb

    Studies have shown that adults who drink small or moderate amounts of alcohol are less likely to develop heart disease than those who do not drink at all or who are heavy drinkers. However, people who do not drink alcohol should not be initiated simply because they want to avoid developing heart disease.


    There is a fine line between healthy drinking and risky consumption. Do not start drinking or drink more often simply to lower the risk of heart disease. Drinking more can damage the heart and liver. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in people who consume alcohol.

    Doctors recommend that if you drink alcohol, drink only small or moderate amounts:

    • For men, reduce alcohol one to two drinks a day.
    • For women, reduce alcohol to one drink a day.

    A drink is defined as:

    • 4 ounces of wine
    • 12 ounces of beer
    • 1½ ounces of alcohol at 40 °
    • One ounce of alcohol 50 °

    Although research has found that alcohol can help prevent heart disease, there is much more effective ways to prevent these diseases as:

    • Controlling blood pressure and cholesterol .
    • Following a healthy low-fat diet and exercise .
    • No smoking .
    • Staying at an ideal weight .

    Anyone with active heart disease or heart failure should talk to your doctor before drinking alcohol. Alcohol can worsen heart failure and other heart problems.

    Alternative Names

    Health and wine; Wine and heart disease; Wine and prevention of heart disease; Alcohol and prevention of heart disease


    Brien SE, Ronksley PE, Turner BJ, Mukamal KJ, Ghali WA. Effect of Alcohol consumption on biological markers Associated with Risk of coronary heart disease: systematic review and meta-analysis of interventional studies. BMJ . 2011; 342: D636.

    Lange RA, Hillis LD. Toxins and the heart. In:. Bonow RO, Mann DL, Zipes DP, Libby P, eds Braunwald’s kamagra Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine . 9th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Saunders Elsevier; 2011: chap 73.

    United States Department of Agriculture. Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. Dietary Guidelines for Americans. 2010 . National Academy Press, Washington, DC, 2010.

    Updated: 05/05/2014

    Version Reviewed By: Juliet Kakish, MD, Medical Director and Director of Didactic Curriculum, MEDEX Northwest Division of Physician Assistant Studies, Department of Family Medicine, UW Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Ogilvie Island, PhD, and the ADAM Editorial team.

    Translation and Localization by ADAM Logo

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    Wine has been, is and will always be an inseparable companion of man in his vocation through its history. It is part of their culture and, therefore, is much more than just a commodity. Wine is art, civilization and culture.

    So to enjoy vintage or any time of year, we suggest ten top titles that address viticulture from different points of view. The story, the characters, wineries, tasting and the pleasures offered wine to pass the cup to his mouth and mouth to the soul.

    Myths and legends of Argentine wine , Natalia Paez. . Buenos Aires, Aguilar, 2011 A ghost rider crosses the Mendoza farms where the first vines were planted Malbec; famous winemaker with a dark vampire terrorizes its neighbors; a wine cellar is inhabited by ghosts who make their voices heard. Fantastic, mythical, as Argentine as the pitcher shaped penguin storm healers, minstrels wine, beings living in this book with San Martín, Sarmiento and Eva Peron. Reality and fiction mingle in the stories of the descendants of those immigrants entrepreneurs who founded one of the most prosperous economic activities of the country, including the best Argentine winemaker of the twentieth century.

    In addition, journalist Natalia Mendoza wine Páez speaks in poetry, in the tango and football. And describes the Harvest Festival held every year in Mendoza. The result of a thorough investigation, the stories collected in Myths and legends of Argentine wine form an unofficial history of our national drink.


    Wine and revolutions. An anthology on the development of Argentina’s wine industry, Ana Maria Mateu and Steve Stein. Mendoza, EDIUNC, 2008. The volume covers more than one hundred years of history of Argentina viticulture and, especially, of Mendoza.Materials that brings the work are the result of an investigation that weave the proposals, reviews and sectoral visions that seem to be reiterated and passing for separate without any pay too much attention to the other lanes. The Mateu and Stein historians have worked from a profusion of sources, studies and scattered those who rescued great analytical depth information on the different periods of the evolution of industry reports.


    Argentina. Harvest time. Tribute to viticulture in the Centenary of the country. Buenos Aires, Josefina Rosner Publishers, 2010. The volume was chosen as Best Book of New World Wines of Argentina, in the prestigious international competition Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2011. His material provides a tribute to the country’s wine industry, their makers and actors telling their stories through a documentary and artistic look.

    Throughout each chapter the reader finds the most interesting aspects of this industry is witnessing growth, with the arrival of the first vines to America, the rich heritage of the territory, the particular scenario granted by Argentina geography, presence of human resources as a key part of the production process, the international positioning of our wines, wine tourism services for those who want to immerse themselves in this universe and art born in the vineyards.


    Captivated by You . Mendoza, Caviar Bleu, 2003. This Captivated By You PDF compiles Mendoza Editorial Caviar Bleu good information for consumers and wineries and wine lovers on Argentine wines. The grape varieties grown in the country, tourism data producing regions, intimacies of a winery and originality of Argentine sparkling, these and other issues give color to the pages of this guide. Readers will also find a directory of wineries, wine bars and industry bodies. Raised as a material of permanent consultation,wineries and wine guide. The sun made ​​wine , Caviar Bleu projection accompanies a major world vitiviniculturas. In an edition of Spanish / English pocket offers more than 400 color pages including a roster of more than 300 wineries and Malbec Guide with tastings conducted by wine experts INTA. With a clear and rigorous language, this guide also provides a fantastic photo tour and illustrations of the highest quality.


    Captivated by you pdf

    The wine. New World Atlas , Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson. Madrid, Blume, 2003.

    Few books in the world have had a remarkable and lasting influence in their field. Sales of the first four English editions exceeded three and a half million copies.Its authors, Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson added their talents to create a new edition of this masterpiece, revised and updated extensively.

    Johnson and Robinson, recognized worldwide for their extensive knowledge of the wine world and its brilliant and eloquent style, this edition offers the best wine maps. The prestigious magazine Decanter   chose this work as “Book of the wine of the millennium”, because 40 years after its first edition in 1971 remains a reference manual for lovers and wine professionals.


    History of Delirium PDF by Hugh Johnson. Madrid, Blume, 2005.

    This is considered a classic in the literature of wine, illustrated with beautiful and evocative images. Its first edition was published in 1989, was translated into eleven languages ​​and received the most prestigious awards in its category.

    In this new edition, the text has been updated to include the latest developments in the world of wine. Wine history illuminates our understanding of civilization and our appreciation of wine. His reading is exciting because it traces the history of wine since the dawn of humanity to the present, through the splendor of the Bacchanalia the ancient world.


    Wine curious stories, Vandyke Pamela Price. Madrid, Bon Vivant, 2004. What drank Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo? Is it really true that the wine matures with age? How Louis Pasteur wine used to improve the health of millions? Why Nelson did not drink too much Champagne when sailing to Trafalgar? Why the wine glasses have a certain size and a certain way? How have these forms changed over the centuries? What was the first great writer specializing in wines?

    This book, as interesting and entertaining, reveals facts, figures, legends, fantasies and inspired madness on every facet of wine, from its origins to the mysteries of his uncharted future. This book focuses on wine curiosities, here lies its originality.

    A legend involving Bacchus and realize why we hit the cups to provide; the christening of a ship with bottles; the origin of toast. Entertaining and factual, this book is ideal for wine lovers gift. Initiates find in these pages a lucid introduction to the world of wine, while more experienced discover many aspects unknown.


    The wine. From the vine to the glass , Maria Isabel Mijares and José Antonio Sáez Illobre Madrid, Oxford University Press, 2007. The authors aim with this book spread, in a pleasant, easy and understandable, what is wine, to break this barrier that excess respect to a product surrounded by much ritual, often prevent the approach to a part of our culture. The authors profess love you, acquired through his knowledge and dedication to it, turns on the book with the desire and the conviction that the reader will get your reading a similar love will lead you keep that parcel of our cultural roots. Therefore they will explain “from the vine to the glass” every one of the elements that give the wine that role always close to man.


    The Bible. First Treaty of Viticulture and Enology , of Jabier Marquínez. Madrid. Ochoa Santos Express, 2010.

    This essay, Best Book World 2010 in the category of History of Beverage Awards at the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, collects all citations relating to wine and vine found in the Bible, interpreting from a technical standpoint, historical and cultural.

    With a fun, conversational and readable prose, the author reveals hundreds of facts and customs about wine present in the biblical text, from purchase and sale of wine, the delimitation of plots and techniques of cultivation and irrigation to hiring foreigners to work the vineyards. Among pests and hail, biblical characters harvested the grape, stirred together, mixed and adulterated wines. And of course, trasnochaban and got drunk, vomiting and sang songs. And even he had planted a vineyard was exempt from going to war. A gem for curious readers.


    Wine and vineyard. Historical geography of viticulture and the wine trade , Tim Unwin. Barcelona, ​​Tusquets, 2001. This magnificent work explores the landscapes of wine, viticulture activities and, in general, the history of relations that man has maintained since the dawn of civilization to the fermented juice of grapes. They tried to book an amazing interdisciplinary, capable of combining art and anthropology, biology and economics wealth.

    Wine and vineyard describes many examples in history and geography of viticulture and the wine trade since the beginning of mankind until the present, and it keeps track of the texts of Greco-Roman antiquity, trade practices Middle Ages, the American colonial expansion or the complex social symbolism assigned to this drink. If, apart from the virtues of taste, you think about the powerful psychological effects they can have on the drinker, it is understood that the wine has always been the bearer of the most diverse patterns of meaning, and it has become one of the most powerful symbols of the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth. Patricia Rodón

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    This flowmeter is designed specifically for application in industrial drinks dispensers: wine, beer, coffee and liqueurs.

    This flow meter provides high performance at a very competitive price can measure flows up to 10 liters per minute. Its construction not use metallic elements making them ideal for dispensing food products, including ultrapure water.

    Series is offered with process connection with pipe ⅜ “although they can be made with other specifications for OEM manufacturers. It employs sapphire vong bi long reliability, the body is molded in a variety of thermoplastics (PVDF standard) and O-ring ‘ O-Ring ‘typically Viton (TM). At the heart of the meter turbine precision freely rotating on vong bi sapphire and containing magnets resistant ceramic chemicals that are detected through the wall of the chamber is located Hall effect detector.

    It is offered with pulse output NPN (open collector) that are directly connectable to any electronic equipment. This combination of materials and product technology ensures long life and reliability in a wide range of applications.

    Key Features:

    • Very economical
    • Body PVDF
    • Sapphire vong bi
    • Hall Effect Sensor
    • Pulse output NPN
    • Maximum measuring range 10 Bar
    • Repeatability 0.1%
    • 5-24 V dc supply
    • Very light and compact 0.150 kg

    Flow Meter for Dispensers | Warranty

    Other products and services SENSOVANT are covered by a standard warranty of 12 months.